Are backlinks really worth fighting for?

Submitted by gazza on Wed, 07/05/2014 - 20:23

I recent years I have, and still do, have the pleasure in working for some great clients who understand the importance of a structured and well planned out SEO campaign. Historically it is well known that links to a website will enhance a websites search engine presence and by its very nature that website would enjoy large numbers of visitors. I have always been an advocate that "content is king" and that "link building is dead" and that to ensure the long term effectiveness of a brand or business to succeed online it is imperative to forget about "links" and concentrate on the following:

  • Content - write regular, informative content in what you know about. No point trying to write about things you do not have any knowledge of
  • Share your content on Social networking outlets to people who would be interested in your content
  • Think about people who will be visiting your site. Following advice about the next "new" thing in web design or "how this will look great" is not the way to go. Display your content in a way that would be expected by your target audience
  • If you are an expert in your field then show this! Write content that shows you are an expert and you will be rewarded. Trying to fake this and your website success will be short lived!

There is of course loads more to online marketing than this but if you are planning to make your website actually work for you and ensure that your visitors enjoy there experience and ultimately use your services or buy your products then these tips will help.

Check out Google's Matt Cutts' latest video from a webmaster who ask's the question: Will backlinks lose their importance? and where search will go in the coming years:

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